So this weekend has been a bit hit and miss. Or, I suppose, I should say – to put it in chronological order – miss and hit, because Saturday was a cold, rainy, washout of a day. Which meant that we decided to stay home, rather than head out and brave the elements. Now we live in a three bed flat in London. Actually, it’s quite a large place. But yesterday, as the weather and the kids’ moods deteriorated, Saturday became a slog. Now, I’m not sure if it had anything to do with the super blood moon we witnessed last week, but as their moods darkened and their tempers grew, our large flat, our normal home of four loving, caring individuals, went in the opposite direction seeming to shrink to the size of a boxing ring. Which meant that for two parents trying to maintain their sanity, there was nowhere to hide. Our two found any excuse to spend the day slugging it out, going toe-to-toe over the most mundane of things. Trivialities became major obstacles that could only be overcome by pulling hair, pinching, scratching and screaming matches that wore our frail nerves down to the bone. We tried playing board games, putting on movie favourites, but nothing seemed to work. There was no pleasing Fidget & Little Man. They appeared to be determined to destroy our home and their normally tranquil relationship. And as the weather worsened and the day wore on, their young nerves frayed and their tempers flared. So much so that even colouring in became a contact sport. The only thing that could have made Saturday worse was if the remainder of the weekend was left on replay. That we just couldn’t allow. We would break the downward spiral they were forcing us into.

West End Sunday

We would climb back out of the bottomless pit they were forcing us into. Fidget & Little Man – who would definitely have won the award for most irritating little shits in the neighbourhood on Saturday by a country mile, had there been such an award – were not going to be allowed to spend Sunday as the meanest, scariest siblings in Wanstead. Sunday was most definitely going to be better. Regardless of the weather, we were escaping from our home and from the confines of ourselves for the day. We needed crowds; we needed distractions; we needed a change of scene.

Sunday morning arrived and off we popped to the West End to meet some friends and their two kids who are around Fidget & Little Man’s age. We arrived a little early, so popped into Pret for a coffee whilst we waited. This is where I thought we were going to be on a re-run of yesterday, because as Fidget and Little Man tucked into a Gingerbread Man each, Fidget’s bottom front tooth disappeared. It appears that a loose tooth was no match for a Pret Gingerbread Man.

West End Sunday

As her tears flowed and the tissue she held to her mouth spotted with blood, we searched and searched for her tooth, but to no avail. The tooth had gone. Personally, I think she swallowed it, but the mere mention of that eventuality, increased the flow of tears to a flood, punctuated with sobs and cries of “am I bleeding!” It was at this point that our four friends arrived. So there we were, eight or us, looking around the floor in Pret for Fidget’s milk tooth, to the bewildered stares of onlookers. As Fidget calmed, we quit looking and decided to go to Five Guys for lunch. Now if you have never been to a Five Guys for a burger, then you’re missing out. They’re great. Check them out if you get the chance. Having filled up on our burgers and chips, we headed off to Hamley’s to check out the toys.

West End Sunday

We wondered through the crowds on all four floors encountering dozens of marketers displaying toys and gadgets that made the kids’ eyes light up. Hamley’s is an absolute treasure trove of toys, and the kids enjoyed every minute. It’s what you would expect a toy shop to be. It’s fun; it’s interactive and it’s so bloody close to home I don’t know why we haven’t done it before. But what caught mine and my fellow adults’ eyes was the Star Wars section. What an amazing display. Life-size Lego figurines of Kylo Ren, Rey and BB8. Not that Fidget was impressed, if the picture above is anything to go by!

And life-size Stormtroopers with a spare helmet just sitting there. The fun ensued. We were in selfie heaven!

All in all it was a fantastic day out. A last minute gambit that paid off, and turned a drab, cold, wet weekend into a wonderfully fun West End adventure.

By the way, the Tooth Fairy will be popping by to visit Fidget later.





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