So we were looking for a baby walker for Little Man, and settled on the the Vtech First Steps Baby Walker at just under £28 on Amazon in August 2015 (current prices for July 2016 on Amazon are around the £25 mark).
We bought it when Little Man was 8 months old, and you might be thinking that a baby walker is a premature purchase where an 8 month old is concerned. However, the product age range is 6 to 30 months. This is due to Vtech First Steps Baby Walker’s versatility. The walker is a two-in-one product. There is the First Steps Baby Walker side of things with its bright red wheels and yellow frame which has plenty of walking space at the back, a broad base for stability and a wide handle for little hands to grip.
But for Little Man at 17 months there is also the main attraction: the activity centre which is billed as a ‘fun-filled activity panel’. And it’s the activity panel that Little Man has engaged with and really enjoys. At this young age, Little Man’s motor skills are going into overdrive and coming on in leaps and bounds, and front the panel of the Vtech First Steps Baby Walker is a definite plus where this type of development is concerned.
The beauty of the panel is that it can be easily detached from the walker frame and placed in front of Little Man so that he can interact with all the fun activities that include an introduction to numbers, shapes, animals and colours. When the activity panel is first switched on, Little Man is greeted by a flashing light show and the wake-up call of a cockerel (yes, parents everywhere, I said a cockerel) then a little girl’s voice singing a welcome ditty:
“Welcome to our learning farm we have lots to show you, shapes and colours, music too, there’s so much to do! It’s time for fun on the farm.”
(A parental bonus here: the voice isn’t annoyingly freaky or Child-of-the-Corn-like as they can be with some other toys we’ve heard. Let’s face it, some of the voices can be a little creepy!)
There are lots of interactive buttons like the cow that bellows and the door when opened has the little girl’s voice saying “peek-a-boo!” Remove the bright red phone and the girl’s voice says “ring-a-ling the animals sing” which is followed by farm animal sounds. Put the panel on the music setting and the keyboard plays the scales; whereas on the learning setting the girl’s voice recites the colour of the key played: red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Turning the cogs makes the lights flash and different sounds and tunes play. The child can also remove the triangle, round and square shapes from the number section. These are attached to the panel by elasticated cord so they can’t be lost. The panel also plays several different well known tunes.
Overall, this is a great toy and walker combination. We are some months away from Little Man needing the walker, but he is going to have hours of fun playing with the activity panel before then. And even though it’s a walker, it is quite compact and doesn’t require too much storage space. A great product from Vtech.
All in all, a great purchase and definitely one to recommend. Little Man gives the Vtech First Steps Baby Walker a very positive thumbs up!

Little Man Rating: 5/5
Parent Rating: 5/5