So we have now taken two road trips to Peppa Pig World at Paultons family Theme Park in Hampshire. As we have visited twice, we and the kids think the place has something going for it.

As a guy with a day off, I could have thought of things I’d rather be doing: a round of golf, watching some football, chilling out at home, etcetera. But as a family man and the dad of a young daughter and son who are both passionate about Peppa Pig, our visits to the theme park exceeded all expectations.

From where we live in Wanstead in north-east London it’s a hop onto the M25 followed by a trip down the M3 towards the New Forest and then a brief trundle on the M27 to Romsey, north-west of Southampton. About a two-and-a-half hour drive. Easy as. But I suppose for a two year old that can be an eternity in the car when mummy and daddy are not telling you where you’re going!

Our first trip was for Fidget’s second birthday and the excitement in the car on the way there was palpable. Fidget knew something special was happening and the excitement heightened when we stopped off at Fleet services and she was confronted with a huge poster advertising Peppa Pig World. Anyway, suffice it to say that the conversation about the poster as we had an early brunch heightened Fidget’s excitement. The rest of the journey was one long conversation about Peppa Pig. I was quietly thinking that I would be all Theme Parked out by the time we got there! But no. The way her little face lit up as we approached the entrance was a treat in itself. The entrance is surmounted by a big Peppa Pig, and when Fidget saw Peppa her little legs went into overdrive. We had never seen her move so fast!

The park itself is an enchanting place for a toddler, full of bright colours, music and great rides. Due to the park’s focus on toddlers, there’s no disappointment with age or height rules for the rides, which makes Peppa Pig world your toddler’s oyster.

There’s plenty to see and do. Fidget & Little Man enjoyed meeting Peppa, her family and some of her friends; you can also visit her house and the paddling ducks, Grandpa Pig’s house and Grandad Dog’s garage; or jump in not-so-muddy puddles in the water splash area – swimming costumes advised; or at least a change of clothes. You can even visit Peppa’s school and the library. Another Fidget favourite is the indoor play area called George’s Spaceship Playzone, with lots to climb and slides aplenty. There is also the inevitable shop where you can buy all things Peppa.

The rides are plentiful too. There’s Miss Rabbit’s helicopter ride, which is a small ferris wheel ride; Peppa’s big balloon ride, which climbs high above the park and spins slowly and gives a great view of the park; Grandpa Pig’s train ride, which takes you on a journey around the park; Grandpa Pig’s boat ride, which is great fun as the boats bob up and down; Daddy Pig’s car ride, which is a pleasant cruise around the park; George’s Dinosaur Adventure, which is a ride around the park on a dinosaur’s back; and the Windy Castle ride, a gondola ride that rises above the park. All of the rides are great value for the kids. However, as you can imagine at times the queues can be quite big, and the rides don’t last too long so you may have to keep your little tykes busy whilst you wait.

All in all, a fantastic day out. Please bear in mind that the park is open on a seasonal basis with opening and closing times varying throughout the year. Generally the park is open from 10 – 10.30am and closes from 4.30-5.30pm depending on the time of year. It is also shut on weekdays throughout the winter months, except for Christmas week. Prices for the park vary depending whether your child is over 1m tall and whether you are booking as a group. You can also book overnight accommodation.

Fidget & Little Man Rating: 5/5

Parent Rating: 5/5