So last Friday evening Fidget & Little Man’s mummy is having a chat with her friend over the phone and they decide to arrange a last minute day out for Saturday. We settle on Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. It’s not too far away, for us or our friends. The park is situated north of the M25, about ten to fifteen minutes up the A10, tucked away in the Hertfordshire countryside.

This was our first trip to Paradise Wildlife Park and as I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to local wildlife parks my expectations were quite low. However, I need not have worried, the park was great! The staff, in the main, were quite welcoming and helpful. The layout of the park is good and easy to follow, which helped no end because Fidget decided to take charge of the very easy to follow map.

So with two sets of parents, Fidget & Little Man, their toddler friend, a baby, two buggies and all the paraphernalia required for a day out we were ready to see all. And with Fidget armed with her map and primed to lead the way, our Paradise Wildlife Park adventure was off and running.

As you walk round the park there are plenty of stalls and interactive sideshows with a fair-like feel. There was also a Fidget favourite in the shape of a face painting shop. I must admit the quality of the face painting was amazing. There were also the inevitable indoor play areas and large gift shop. Always a bonus if the weather turns bad.

As for food, we ate lunch at Safari Sam’s Diner which also ticked all the boxes. Although quite pricey (but name a park that isn’t) it was clean, the quality of the food was good and the portions were quite large. Nothing to complain about here. Our stomachs were impressed. The other eateries looked just as good.

But it was the main feature that really impressed: the animals. The park prides itself on being home to over 400 animals, so there’s plenty to see. And the backdrop to the animals is a very pleasant and clean park and surrounds. it’s a nice experience for all. The proximity of the animals is great. The Big Cat Territory, for instance, wouldn’t be the same without the aerial walkway that takes you above the perimeter of the big cat enclosures. You really do get a great view from up there. A lot of wildlife parks don’t necessarily get this right; you often end up catching a glimpse of the animals through or over bushes which obscures the experience. Paradise Wildlife Park have created an experience which makes it more of an adventure. The walkway is even buggy and wheelchair friendly.

The other areas available to explore are Hooves and Humps, the Small Mammal area, the Tropical Rainforest, the Angkor Reptile Temple and the Birds at Paradise. The diversity of animals is great. We saw the otters playing in their pool, the camels chilling in the sun, the meerkats playing in their enclosure, the reptiles and monkeys and even fed the animals in the farmyard. There’s a mass of animals to see and things to do. All in all a great day out. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

Kudos, Paradise Wildlife Park. A very well run park with a great atmosphere.

Fidget & Little Man Rating: 5/5

Parent Rating: 5/5