So this year we decided to head to Greece for a two-week holiday. To be more specific, we decided on one of the Greek islands in the eastern Mediterranean Sea: Rhodes.

Our Greek Adventure: Rhodes

But before I chat about the holiday destination of our choosing, let me give this choice some perspective from my perspective: as a child I loved the idea of Greece. By the time I was eight or nine I was an avid reader of Greek mythology. I loved everything from Athena to Zeus, and from Sparta to taramasalata. So in my nostalgic mind a Greek adventure had a lot to live up to. I must also admit, however, that as I’ve grown in years, I’m a little disappointed with Athena and Zeus, they’ve just ignored me; there are no package holidays to Sparta and my local shop sells taramasalata. So why choose Greece as a holiday destination? Well, even with the obvious historical sites and mythological aspects removed from the equation, Greece is beautiful. And by the way, you should not put the sight-seeing to one side because there is so much to see. But having said that, our little family needed a relaxing holiday. We decided a lazy, poolside holiday at an all inclusive with lots of pools, sunbeds, activities for the kids and a great beach was the way forward this time around for our Greek adventure: Rhodes.

Our Greek Adventure: Rhodes

I’ve been to a few Greek destinations now and I’m quite captivated by the culture, the land, the sea and the sun. Add to that my childhood fascination with mythology, history and literature and it’s quite an enticing package. However, romanticism aside, you still have to choose a destination.

We decided on an all inclusive destination with a family focus: TUI Magic Life in Plimmiri on the south-east coast of Rhodes, about two hours from the airport. Now an airport exchange of two hours is quite lengthy, but worth it when you see what is waiting at the other end. And the views on the journey down the coast road are stunning, providing their own romanticism. Many of the views could have been the backdrop for the musical Mamma Mia! (I know, I’m a guy, but I’ve had to sit through it!)

Our Greek Adventure: Rhodes

So if you are looking for an all inclusive holiday in Rhodes and you’ve got no choice but to take the kids with you (our two, Fidget & Little Man were 4 years old and 18 months at the time, so I suppose taking them was a must), you could do far worse than consider TUI Magic Life. We booked through First Choice, who described our destination thus:

“A beachside setting and packed activity programme are the hallmarks of this hotel. You’ve also got a trio of pools and a couple of speciality restaurants. … TUI Magic Life Plimmiri’s looks are textbook Greek, with bedrooms set in whitewashed cube-style buildings. They’re sprawled across well-kept gardens, which lead down to a stretch of toffee-coloured sand. All the usual TUI Magic Life suspects are present and correct – pools, restaurants, and a supersized list of sports and activities. Rooms are dressed in white and sky-blue, and have a contemporary, minimalist feel.” – First Choice

Now it’s not the cheapest all inclusive on the island (follow the link above for 2017 prices), but it’s also not the most expensive either. But it is brand new having only been open for a little over a year. The whole site is stunning and pristine. There are no high rise blocks, just ground and first floor apartments finished in a beautifully clean looking Grecian-style whitewash. The interior of the rooms are also extremely welcoming and neat. Our family apartment had two separate double rooms, two toilets a walk in shower, two televisions, fridge and balcony overlooking the grounds down to the sea. The place has a definite village feel to it, which suited our little family.

Our Greek Adventure: RhodesThe buffet restaurant is large with both inside and al fresco dining on a large patio area overlooking the main pool to the sea. The patio affords the diners an wonderfully picturesque dining experience. There is also a children’s dining hall, which is a bit more laid back. Now we have been all inclusive a number of times and had mixed feelings about the menus on offer, but the food here was excellent with plenty of choice. Although the resort is quite cosmopolitan there is a bias towards the German holidaymakers, as they made up the larger proportion of guests; but that was not an issue for us. As far as I am concerned, the German cuisine enhanced the menu. This said, the rest of the menu was relatively diverse in nature; and there was plenty of it.

The staff were welcoming and exceptionally helpful and supportive. They staged shows in an arena which was also well frequented by the guests. They also had a great kid’s club for toddlers and then older kids with plenty to do. All in all, a great team with lots of sport and other activities all day long. There was also Fidget’s favourite thing, a disco in the evening where all the kids gathered and danced the evening away whilst parents chilled with a drink. This is as lively as it gets, although the dancing goes on till late-ish, it’s not really a party resort. As mentioned earlier it is also in the south-east of the island which is quite remote. Lindos, which has a more touristy feel, is about 40 minutes away by car along the coast road. But we were satisfied with a very pleasant and chilled resort.

This is the first time we have holidayed at a Magic Life resort, which there are plenty of, but we would definitely go Magic Life again. We are not ones for returning to the same place either, but we did agree that it is a resort that will remain on our future holiday shortlist.

In summary, if you are like me and able to forgive Zeus for his lack of interaction over the years, and go to Greece with the knowledge that you are not going to bump into any Titans on the beach or be waylaid by 300 scantily clad Greeks in funny hats, then this is a great holiday resort and as Rhodes is in the eastern Mediterranean you are pretty much guaranteed a hot, sunny stay.

Fidget & Little Man Rating: 5/5

Parent Rating: 5/5 – It would have received a 6/5 had we had a three week stay. A great resort!