Little Man has turned three. And, like many of the birthday posts I read from bloggers, mummy and I are wondering where the time has gone. In notes to Little Man, I tend to focus on his milestones, but Little Man Turns Three isn’t just a birthday milestone, it’s a grateful thanks that he has gone from strength to strength.

Notes to Little Man Little Man Turns Three

So, Little Man, look at you now: you’ve grown into a tall, sturdy bundle of joy. And you are so bright, often exceeding our and your nursery’s expectations. Your grasp of numbers and counting is fascinating to see. However, you dislike getting your numbers wrong, even when they are four-digits. It’s amazing to see how upset you can get when you don’t know a number. Please bear in mind that you are just three. Those big numbers you are happily reading shouldn’t be on your learning radar for a few years yet.

But the way you have grasped them is testament to the fact that you are one passionate, determined little boy, and so strongminded in everything you do – often to the point of distraction – ours, not yours! Let’s face it, you can be headstrong, forceful and single-minded when you want to be. It’s amazing to see. But often very, very tiring. But guess what, we wouldn’t have it any other way. You are bright beyond your age, and that makes us very proud of you.

But when I say ‘look at you now’, it’s not just about how bright you are. That’s just a part of it. It’s with thanks for how full of life you are, how loving you are, how big your heart is, and how caring you are with others (we may have to exclude your sister Fidget from that one). And I say it with more love than you can know and with my heart on my sleeve for how you have come through the difficulties you faced shortly after birth. It’s with thanks that you are here with us at all.

And that’s because your start in life was a really frightening time for us all. At twelve days old we thought we would lose you. It was the longest, darkest week of our lives. I won’t go into details because I’ve written about it before, and at some length.

Notes to Little Man Little Man Turns Three

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Suffice it to say, it’s still a painful memory. Even though you are more than well now, the memory of that time will never truly fade. But the memory has evolved, as memories do, from a desperate fear of losing you into a thankful blessing that you were strong enough to pull through. That memory is now a vivid reminder of how special you have made our lives. You completed our little family more than you will ever know.

Notes to Little Man Little Man Turns Three

So, here you are: three years old. What next, Little Man? Your future is bright and yours for the fashioning. Mummy and daddy will support you in everything you set your mind to – except the drawing on the walls. That needs to stop now.

When you read this in the future, I hope the one thing that shines through is how much love you brought to our little family without even trying. Just by being you, you continue to give us so much. You add to the whole without even realising. Your mum, your sister, uncles, aunts and cousins, and I couldn’t love you more.

Happy birthday, Little Man … and may there be many, many more.




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