I am daddy to Fidget & Little Man. Now, both of the kids have always been daddy’s little limpets. Fidget has always been a daddy’s girl and Little Man has followed that example (much to mum’s annoyance), because he is all about daddy too. But this post is about Little Man and his penchant for turning a deaf ear at certain times and for a certain specific reason.

But firstly, I would like to let you know a little about my relationship with Little Man. At 23 months, Little Man follows me round all day long. If I reach for my shoes, he fetches his; if I read a book, he gets one of his; if I open the laptop, he will move the mouse and force his way between me and the keyboard; if I take a seat, he is on my lap; if … you get the idea – Little Man is my lovable little shadow. And I adore his attention as much as he adores mine.

But I now have competition for Little Man’s attention, and it’s getting me down. Little Man has a bromance going on. He is totally infatuated with a certain little mouse by the name of Mickey.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

If he’s watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I suddenly become superfluous to needs, a redundant dad – my words fall on deaf ears. I may as well not be there. I can reach for one of his favourite books or toys and try and entice him away from the screen, but to no avail. I’ve been overthrown, ousted, by a cartoon mouse! When Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on, I become persona non grata.

Now I know how mum feels … and it’s not great. So desperate times called for desperate measures: I sought legal advice. The idea was to get an injunction against Disney and Mickey and friends, but apparently that wouldn’t work because Disney is bigger than Tales of Two Children (who knew), so I was advised to get over it. So Mickey wins again.

Little Man has even developed prompts. And it often plays out something like this. I can put sport on the TV and settle down to watch the boys try and win the Premier League and at just 23 months old, Little Man will walk in, glance at the football then pass me the remote with a curt cry of “Mickey!” Bless you Disney Junior!

He will wake late in the evening whilst mum and I are chilling on the sofa catching up on a movie or a box set and demand Mickey. If he sees his sister watching Sofia he will play up until she lets him have Mickey. Fidget is almost five and has already developed patience beyond her years. And because of Little Man’s fixation with Mickey, she also knows all the episodes back to front. Her fortitude in this matter is something that should be commended.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

To put it in a nutshell, Little Man is totally captivated from the moment those two big black ears appear over the hill until the closing credits and the hotdog dance. His 23 month-old vocabulary now consists of phrases like “role call!” and “Oh Toodles!” But it’s not all doom and gloom. Thanks to episodes like Mickey’s Round Up, Little Man can happily count down from 10 to 1; albeit: “teh-nin-ate-sev-six-fi-four-three-two-one.” He dances and sings along to Minnie’s Pyjama Party song, with calls of “again! Again! AGAIN!” He is hooked, obsessed, besotted. Ironically, he – or maybe it should be we – have been caught in a mousetrap of Disney’s fashioning. Little Man even sleeps with Mickey and Minnie.

So to Disney I say: I tip my hat and submit to your mousekepower. And to Little Man: I’ll always be here for you, in-between episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, of course … and possibly during if it’s an episode we haven’t seen together!

Are your kids smitten with Mickey and friends? Let us know below.




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