So the school year is almost over. Fidget’s first year at primary school is coming to an end. It will shortly be bye-bye reception, hello Year 1. And the time that has passed has been punctuated by us receiving Fidget’s first school report. Where have the last ten months gone? The academic year has truly flown by. It seems only yesterday that Fidget was graduating from nursery.

Fidget's First School Report

Yes, I said ‘graduating’ – the private nursery she had attended since she was ten months old actually held a graduation ceremony in August 2016 for all those who were leaving and going up to primary school. Fidget was a little distraught about moving on and leaving her friends, but it was time for her to step out of the comfort zone she had enjoyed at nursery for the last three-and-a-half years and step into the big wide world of primary school education.

Looking back to the day Fidget started at school I remember her being both excited and nervous, and probably in equal measures. I wrote a post about her first morning drop off at the time: ‘In 100 Words: School Gates,’ you can read it Here. I remember her looking so cute in her new uniform, but also wide-eyed at all the older children rushing about around her.

Fidget Turns Five

There was nothing to worry about though, because she settled into her new class very quickly. We are extremely lucky in that Fidget attends a great school and has had two great teachers this year. And because of her positive attitude and her great class teachers she has flourished. She absolutely adores going to school – once we’ve managed to get her dressed in the morning that is. But that’s another story.

So this post was prompted by Fidget’s end of year report. We knew it was due, but, to tell the truth, we’ve been a little anxious, because – like most parents – getting information out of Fidget about what she has done at school on a day-to-day basis is about as easy as trying to climb a tree in a hurricane whilst wearing flip-flops and a blindfold. Okay, so the parent evenings and the brief chats with her class teacher at the gate have pre-empted expectation, and the points system on the school’s ClassDojo app gives an indication as to her behaviour, but angst is as angst does.

We received her report on Friday in a big white envelope. Fidget was pretty laidback about it all. We were the excited ones. After all, it was another first for our little family: Fidget’s first school report.

The cover letter outlined the assessment criteria for Fidget’s attainment in relation to the Early Learning Goals as follows:

Emerging (1) = working towards national expectations
Expected (2) = working at national expectations
Exceeding (3) = working above national expectations.

I must admit to being a little nervous, but it was time to read the report. Fidget was sitting back on the sofa in a very chilled way, not looking at all fazed by the pending report, whilst mum and I were perched on the edge of the sofa as I slowly drew the report from the envelope. Then we looked at each other and laughed. It had dawned on both of us that Fidget was just five. These weren’t GCSE or A Level results; it was an assessment report for her reception year. Nothing more.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s unimportant, because it is important, but it was nothing for us to get perplexed about. We were pretty confident she’d done well; that she’d achieved targets. We needed to take a leaf out of Fidget’s book and chill a bit! After all, she’s at the beginning of her academic career; and at five years old there shouldn’t be too much pressure on her to break any academic records.

Fidget's First School Report

As far as we are concerned, learning should be fun, and luckily at her school it is. My thoughts are that if Fidget sees learning as fun them she will grow to enjoy education and not see it as a necessary evil or chore. Well, we can hope that’s how it will work with her.

So having read Fidget’s report, I have this to say to my little lady: well done, gorgeous! You’ve achieved national expectations and in three areas you are exceeding national expectations. You’ve done really, really well.

Here are some of the key phrases used in your first ever report:

“[Fidget] has made good progress this year across the curriculum. … She has made a good start to school life. She is alert and listens carefully during lessons. She comes to school with a positive attitude and enjoys the social side of school as well as the learning. … She always respects the classroom rules and equipment.”

All good reports also tell you where you need to keep improving, so your teachers have set you some things to keep doing; some things to continue to work on. They would really like it if you were to:

“… read over written work and continue to use phonics knowledge to read and spell words as accurately as possible. … To understand and apply [your] mathematical knowledge to solve number problems, including doubling and halving.”

Fidget First School ReportThat’s something mummy and daddy will help you with. But just remember, you’ve done so much hard work and come so far in such a short time, you should be really proud of yourself and everything you have achieved, because we are over the moon with you.

But the comment that stood out most for me was that, “[Fidget] is a helpful girl who is polite and caring towards other.” We couldn’t ask for anything more really. Keep it up, little lady, you’re an absolute superstar!

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