Notes to Little Man is an obvious complement to those I write to his big sister, Fidget. As with Fidget, my aim is to provide Little Man with snapshots from our day-to-day life that he will be able to read at his leisure in the future. What really matters to us as parents, and as far as this blog is concerned, is to record Little Man’s experiences as he develops and grows. I want to record how our life in London (or wherever we may find ourselves) impacts on him, and equally, how his life impacts on us as parents and a family. I know we have a lot to look forward to!

With that said, I see the notes that follow as a way of capturing events that Little Man will be able to reflect on later. I want to write about him and for him; I want to seize moments, big and small and present them to his older self. Whether my words relate to family life, culture and society, or the impact life in the UK has on his education and upbringing; or if it’s about his first steps, first bike ride, first sports match, I want him to be able to read about it as it was captured through my eyes and set down in my words.

What this means is that these notes to Little Man will be made up of the good, the bad, and, I suppose, the down-right ugly! I am also hoping that there may be topics covered that readers of this blog will find of interest, or will have experienced with their own children at one level or another. I’m hoping that the events covered in this blog will also trigger pleasant memories for you the reader. If so, your thoughts and feedback would be much appreciated. I’m sure that topics for future blog posts will be prompted as much by reader contribution as by events that happen in Little Man’s life with us.

At the time of writing this, Little Man is twelve months old. He is now crawling and starting to walk and following his big sister about. Over the last couple of months he has started to pull himself up and now stands aided by the table, sofa or anything else he can latch onto. He has begun to interact in ways not possible one month ago. And much to the annoyance of his big sister, Fidget, he has discovered her bedroom and toys. Consequently, his new found mobility is cause for a certain amount of angst in our family home. Fidget now spends a lot of her time venting about the sanctity of her room and toys with vociferous abandon. Little Man finds this all so very funny indeed. Lots to look forward to, I think.

In summary, my wish is that the notes to Little Man that will follow this brief introduction will make him smile, make him reflect and hopefully encourage and inspire him. Hopefully not too demanding a task for what is essentially a dad’s diary for his Little Man.

In the next ‘Note to Little Man,’ I will be covering his birth and the first three weeks of his life. After all, Little Man’s beginning was quite a traumatic time for us all.