Since we first published this blog in July 2016 we have been setting the scene. We have laid the foundation by introducing the two little stars of Tales of Two Children, Fidget & Little Man. We’ve done this with photos, posts, short stories and even reviews, all of which have been a reflection of or had an influence on their young lives. So now that we have done that, what now? Where next?

Well, we, like you, are on an unknown road. Hence, the title of this post: Notes to Fidget & Little Man: “From Here to There”, which is a little vague to say the least. But that’s the point. It’s also, as far as I’m concerned, the beauty of any blog: the future is an unknown journey. There are going to be periods of long straight roads on our journey with the kids where everything goes to plan. There are also going to be unexpected twists and turns, and some bumps in the road. For example, we’re experiencing a bump in the road at the moment: I’m searching for a new job, because the new job I started at the same time I first published this blog, just didn’t work out. Did I fail? I don’t think so. Will I sort something out? Of course I will. But it’s an example of an unexpected curve ball and an unforeseen bump in the road that we all have to face in life from time to time. And as this blog is about our part in Fidget & Little Man’s lives, it does have a bearing. So for now I’m job hunting and writing and being a stay-at-home-dad. And the one thing this has given me is an appreciation of the stay at home parent life. And having experienced it all I can say is, I need to get back to work! Actually, I’m loving my SAHD life. But as the main bread winner, I also have an obligation to our little family and the bank manager!

But now that we have set the scene for Fidget & Little Man, what does the future hold for our little blog? Well, I’m going to continue documenting their young lives as and when things happen. I’m going to continue to write about their experiences across many different blogging genres: reviews of family related stuff, relevant Soapboxing posts that affect us and our two, and I will continue cataloguing our Road Trips and capturing the kids in our Family Gallery. And, of course, I will continue with what have become our signature posts, our little short stories ‘In 100 Words’. I can’t thank those of you who actually read them enough for making ‘In 100 Words’ so popular in such a short time. I didn’t think anyone would bother reading my little creative writing exploits, let alone say they enjoy them. After all, they’re only 100 words long. So let me take this opportunity to say that I really appreciate the positive feedback and support we have received. But with all that has and will be written, it is my hope that you will enjoy reading some of it and that somewhere down the line you may find the odd written line helpful or at least in some way entertaining. Hey, we all have dreams, right?

As for ‘Notes to Fidget & Little Man’, we will continue to share their trials and tribulations, their ups and downs, and will continue capturing how life in London and the wider world impacts on them and their future. I will also be writing to them directly and sharing it with you as little asides. I’m sure we will be discussing some weird and wonderful topics in the future!

From Here to There

 However, Notes to Fidget & Little Man have been quite challenging so far, having concentrated on Little Man’s tough start in life.  But what it has done is allow me to focus on what matters at the time. It has allowed me to reflect on how priorities change during different circumstances that crop up. For instance, I truly believe that mum literally breathed life back into Little Man the evening he was rushed into hospital. So how could I not write that post! Our experiences with Little Man changed much in me whilst strengthening much more because of a situation none of us could have foreseen. His first few weeks of life gave us a new outlook on life and what life means. In a nut shell, our parenting experience so far has been one of joy and tears, but luckily the joy now outweighs the tears, because now Little Man is just like any other 21 month-old: he’s a pain, a delight, a handful, but mostly he’s a great companion. We are already best buddies.

From Here to There

As for Fidget, she has been with us for almost five years now. What did we do before her? She loves her little brother dearly and for the most part her acceptance of his occasional pestering is medal-worthy. But now that she has started school, she is coming into her own, so I am sure there will be some discussions more than worthy of sharing on our blog. She is already quite adept at spinning stories that make me reach for my pen. And they are delivered with a sincerity and innocence only a four-year-old or an Oscar nominee could convey. She, too, is a wonder to me. We argue – mostly over her rights to the Kindle or TV – but we also share lots of time together. Don’t tell Little Man, but Fidget is my best buddy too.

From Here to ThereBoth Fidget & Little Man have given us so much more than we could ever have known prior to having kids. From headaches to full hearts, they are our world and always will be. So documenting that world for them and us as it happens seems quite natural.

So here we are in the here-and-now on our journey to there, wherever ‘there’ may be. We hope you will come along for the ride and the read. And please feel free to comment or suggest topics along the way.

Thanks for following our little adventure.