We purchased Fidget’s Mini Micro Scooter from John Lewis as a present for Christmas 2014, when she was two years and nine months old – and, as it turns out, a totally fearless two years and nine month old. And it turned out to be another Fidget favourite!

At £60 for the scooter and £23 for the funky orange helmet it’s not cheap, but well worth the money when you consider that Fidget rides it everywhere and whenever she can. For her first ride out on her new scooter, we took Fidget to the park on Christmas day. The start was a little wobbly to say the least. Nevertheless, within a few minutes and mainly due to the stability of the scooter she soon got the hang of going in a straight line, it was the steering that took some time, much to our angst and, I’m ashamed to say, amusement!

Fidget’s frequent encounters with the grass verge as she veered off course were quite funny, and I’m surprised it didn’t happen more often than it did as her eyes were watering so much from where she was laughing so hard with pure joy. Anyway, a ride out on the scooter with Fidget is quite an experience and definitely never dull. She can now negotiate her way through a crowd with a shift of her weight and tilt and twitch of the T-bar handle, but just so long as that crowd is concentrating. The odd ankle still gets clipped, but that’s normally a six-of-one and half-a-dozen-of-the-other situation – especially if the recipient has their face buried in their mobile phone!

It was for reasons such as those mentioned above that we decided on the Mini Micro Scooter. It was chosen because of its durability, stability and for the fact that it is well-made and has a fantastic pedigree. This model’s great stability comes from its low centre of gravity and the three wheel set up which definitely aids balance. And believe me, Fidget needs all the help she can get with that. Anyway, this is a great scooter with a very stylish look.

If you are considering a Mini Micro or any other type of scooter from toddler to adult then the Micro Scooter website is the place to visit. Their site is as stylish and funky as their products. In addition to their user-friendly product pages, they have a great buyers’ guide, owners’ club, schemes for schools and a competition section on their Community Pages. All in all it’s a really great website with a real family feel.

In summary, Fidget and her Mini Micro Scooter has been a fantastic experience from finding the right scooter to her ongoing scooting exploits. Needless to say, all is good in Fidget’s three wheel world!

Fidget Rating: 5/5

Parent Rating: 5/5