July. Children’s heads spin in anticipation of the long holiday ahead. Their tanned bodies are bathed by shafts of sunlight breaking through the whisper of gently shifting branches heavy with summer. Kites float lazily on a tentative breeze, whilst a crowd of beer-sipping dads barbeque a taste of summer. Distant laughter from neighbouring gardens drifts across the weekend as families celebrate the season.
Children play, frolicking on new-cut grass so verdant you can taste it on the warm air. And when the season shifts, and with the passing of years, they too will remember summers that seemed to last forever.


This is a reworking of an older post written summer 2016 ~ In 100 Words: “Summer Weekends”.  I liked the original, but prefer the ebb and flow of this latter version. Probably because summer is still some time off , and I’m feeling worn down by winter. You can read the original here. I hope you enjoyed both. I’d love to know which you prefer.



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