The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is a Fidget & Little Man favourite. We purchased this bouncer when Fidget was dinky, and she adored it. Now Little Man has inherited it and he is in his element. But let’s start with an official description of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo: 

“A place full of wonderful sights and sounds. … [and a product that] stimulates sense … encourages developing motor skills … [and] enhances learning through discovery.”

Now bearing in mind that we live in a three-bed apartment in London, so room is always at a premium, this is quite a space-consuming product. With a base diameter of 33 inches and a height of 38-43 inches, depending on which setting you use, it can dominate any room. Nevertheless, it is most definitely a family favourite in our little home, which is mainly due to the delight on Fidget & Little Man’s faces when using the bouncer. Their bouncing antics have always been a wonder to see.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is packed with colourful interactive toys that both Fidget and now Little Man – he’s one now – really engage with. Over the last few months, Little Man has hit discovery mode. Place Little Man in the seat and he is able to spin 360 degrees which brings all the toys into play. The seat is a bright red and gold patterned cloth with a neat little backrest, which enables him to lean back and survey his surroundings. However, this is something he rarely does. Most of the time he is bouncing with all his might. The bouncing causes the rainforest music and sounds to play and the lights on the main panel to flicker on and off, much to Little Man’s delight.

The toys are also much to his liking. On the main panel frame there is a bright blue “bobbing elephant” that can be twisted and then springs back. There is also a red and yellow parrot and bright yellow monkey suspended from the frame, which swing back and forth. Below these and behind the on/off and volume setting switches there is a drum the child can spin. One of Little Man’s favourite is the butterfly on the floppy stalk that can be pulled about and, in our experience, used as a teething toy. To the right is a clear plastic rugby ball shaped sphere with a dark blue gecko mounted across the middle of the sphere. The sphere also contains some brightly coloured beads that rattle when the child spins the sphere. To the left is a rainbow arch with a sphere at the summit containing a bright yellow sun that spins as the sphere turns. Beneath the sun is a large yellow button that when pushed makes a tiger’s head pop up from within a bush. Opposite the butterfly is a brightly coloured spinning disc. Suspended above Little Man in two of the uprights is a frog and a parrot. These soft toys are attached to leaf-like arms that move up and down to bring the toys into play. To put it briefly this is a busy bouncer so there’s a lot for Little Man to do. We definitely noticed development in both Fidget & Little Man’s motor skills throughout their interaction with this bouncer. It also gives babies a great workout!

The elastics the seat and frame are attached to are also adjustable to take into account the child’s height, and are easy to change to adapt to the correct height required. The whole thing packs away easily and can be stored quite neatly. Let’s face it if our experience of Fidget & Little Man’s time with this toy is anything to go by, it is highly recommendable (make sure you take into account the advice about baby’s weight and height; the restrictions of 25lbs and 32 inches tall are the manufacturer’s guideline).

At the moment we are seeing the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo retailing at anywhere from £67 to £90 across several high street retailers, so shop around!

All in all, a great product from a manufacturer with a great heritage over several decades. We all love it!

Little Man Rating: 5/5

Parent Rating: 4.5/5 (due to space required)