This post, Fidget Turns Five, is a return to why I started the blog in the first place. Fidget turned five at the end of March (I know, it was a while ago, but due to an accident, I’ve been out of action.), and for her and us this was a major milestone. After all, she’s a big girl now! Or so she keeps telling us.

But to get back to my earlier point, I started writing emails to Fidget before she was born, before we even knew what sex she was. Tales of Two Children evolved from those early emails. I reread those early emails recently and was touched by their simplicity and the emotion they displayed. I never thought anyone other than our little family would ever read them. So with that in mind, I’m going to break from my norm and write a letter to Fidget.

Wow, where to start with you, Fidget? Five going on fifteen is probably a good place.

Fidget Turns Five

Since starting school in September, your confidence has increased tenfold. You were always quite confident at nursery, but school has seen that confidence mature. Now? Well, you hold your own against all that’s put before you.

You smile at adversity and support your little brother and others with a caring word and cuddle. Your concern for the welfare of those around you is clear to see. It’s a wonderful attribute, Fidget; try not to lose it. There are times, though when your dark side casts a shadow over the brightness.

Let’s give this a Harry Potter slant. After all, you do want to marry him! When you put your feisty, yet loveable, Hermione persona aside and transform into the perfect candidate for Slytherin, and your gentle magic turns into a storm, we all take a deep breath and sigh deeply, because we know you are going to plant your hands firmly on your hips and the lectures begin.

Fidget Turns Five

You have definitely developed a penchant for the dramatic and speaking your mind. It’s at these times that you let the world know at the top of what is a very high-pitched voice all the angst you feel. And it’s normally about something and nothing. But this doesn’t normally last long. The storm passes, the Cornish Pixies are put back in their cage, the dust settles, and we laugh it off together. In truth, there’s something special, almost endearing, about your little whirlwind moods. It’s the decibels that hurt … your shrill screams could shatter glass!

There are very special times for me and mummy that make us so proud of you. Like when you choose a book to read and we watch you make it all the way on your own from cover to cover. Your reading has come on so well. And when you spell words we didn’t even know you knew: yesterday it was ‘leggings’.

And when you’re in dress-up mode, we never know who we are going to meet throughout the day. It could be anyone from ‘Knicker Ninja’ to pirate or one of many Disney princesses. But beneath all, you will always be our little Fidget, even when you are murdering a Disney song with ease.

Fidget Turns Five

The last five years with you have been a precious time for us all. You have made us smile, laugh and cry. You have made us happy and sometimes a little bit sad. But mostly, you have made every minute worthwhile, just by being you. It’s the little things you say and do that mean so much.

It’s the snuggling on the sofa before you go to bed that’s so special and all too brief a time for me. It’s seeing how much you love your little brother and how much he loves you. It’s your limitless imagination that make the little stories we make up together so magical and ours. It’s the way you hold my hand and chat about anything and everything as we walk to school. It’s those special little moments we share – all families have them – but the thousands of moments with you over the last five years are what our life’s about.

Fidget Turns Five

Like right now, just sitting at the kitchen table together; me with my laptop and you right next to me with your Play-Doh hairdresser toy, listening to my favourite radio station, Magic Soul, and we’re singing along to Michael’s PYT. Just me and my Pretty Young Thing doing our thing on a Sunday afternoon.

You rock our world, Fidget. You’ve rocked it for five wonderful years.

 Thank you for being you.








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