So after much ado from Fidget and with the help of a good nursery report, we succumbed to pressure and purchased the Disney Princess MagiClip Dolls 7-Doll collection. And to be honest we had no idea what we had let ourselves in for. Perhaps the fact that Fidget spent a large part of a friend’s party ignoring the food, the music and dancing, and the games, because she was in a secluded huddle with a few like-minded friends who were all totally enamoured with these toys, should have been a warning sign.

At first glance all you are able to do is remove the dresses and interchange them between dolls. To do so is quite simple: hold the doll’s head and squeeze the base of the dress which opens like a clothes-peg and then pull the doll free. Any dress fits any doll. However, Fidget has been glued to these toys for the four weeks she has had them. And woe is me for doubting the imagination and tenacity of a three-year-old!

Fidget has danced with each doll, acted out their movie roles, and sung their signature songs. She can spend hours in happy delight just chatting with the dolls and changing their dresses. At three-and-a-half inches tall these toys pack a punch when it comes to captivating Fidget’s imagination. The manufacturers, Mattel, have scored a home run with this one. And it would appear that the popularity of the dolls online and in the shops reflect this fact, to the point that the 7-Doll collection has increased by £10 since we purchased them online through Amazon!

So here we are, one month later and Fidget is obsessed! Mum and dad depressed!

Let’s face it, all parents know that when a child hooks into a particular toy that toy can take over their playtime to the exclusion of all other toys and renders them deaf to parental communication. But with these Disney Princess MagiClip dolls, Fidget has taken obsession to a whole new level. We are talking day and night. She wakes in the morning and her first words are no longer what we have grown to know and love, unless “Where are my Disney Princess Magiclips?” is a synonym for “Good morning, mummy” or “Good morning, daddy”. And alas, we have also been exposed to the dark side of the toy world during the wee hours of the night when Fidget wakes us all with the ear-piercing cry of, “Can I play with my Disney Princess MagiClip Dolls?” The question is obviously rhetorical as far as Fidget is concerned! She means to play. We lament our loss of sleep.

Although £40-50 a set seems quite a lot for seven small dolls, if the obsession continues there is also the chance she will request the additional dresses you can purchase. Anyway, the dolls are a 100% smash hit with Fidget! And not just with Fidget. She has now roped her cousin Lily-Lashes into the MagiClip click. A couple of weekends ago we watched as she showed Lily-Lashes the dolls, and the obsession was shared. And on that note, I couldn’t resist the opportunity, I smiled at Lily-Lashes’ dad and said: “They’re a steal at £40 for the set”. My pain has been shared!

Fidget Rating: 5/5

Parent Rating: 3.5/5 (mainly due to disturbed nights)