As the end of summer is round the corner we decided that we would take Fidget & Little Man to the seaside for the weekend. A sort of last sunny hurrah before autumn sets in. One of the upsides to this plan was that we would be going with some friends and their two children. So all looked rosy for a pleasant weekend at the beach. It was a road trip we were all excited about. The project management team (both mums) decided on Camber Sands in East Sussex because of its long stretch of sandy beach and rolling dunes.

Map of Camber Sands

As far as the weather was concerned, a beautiful weekend had been forecast.

Of course we needed somewhere to stay for the weekend, so the project management team got their heads together and decided to rent a property in Camber large enough for both families. Now there are some cute rentals to be had and plenty of choice.

The Peninsula holiday home Camber Sands

The mums opted for a three bed house on an estate of holiday homes about 700m from the beach. We went with a company called Beside the Sea Holidays Ltd, based in Camber, because they are local and their knowledge of the area was excellent. You can check out their website here; they offer some great properties for both short- and long-stay breaks. We rented a property called The Peninsula and I must say that it was extremely well provisioned in the kitchen. The owners also provided a barbecue, windbreaks for the beach and toys in the toddlers’ room, and the place was very clean. A great choice.

There was one little issue, however: the local shops leave a bit to be desired – one of them goes by the quaint name of BJ’s on the Beach! But that was as good as it got. Luckily we had placed our food order with one of the big four in advance for delivery on the afternoon of our arrival, which turned out to be a great idea. The local shops do offer the basics, but little in the way of baby bits other than advice that they had been asked about formula, etc. previously, but never thought to stock it. Now this will be an issue for someone at some point when you consider that Camber Sands is a family holiday spot. You can take a trip out in the car and head for one of the bigger towns, but if you intend to stay locally, I would suggest taking enough provisions to cover your stay. To give you some idea of the local shops, there are lots of antique shops in the surrounding area and the local shops appear to have picked up on the theme. Entering the shops is like stepping back to the 1970s: the goods were presented on racks which also seemed a bit sparse of stock. It all appeared a little run down. I’m still not sure if the experience was quaint or a just a tad sad. The jury is still out on that one. It did, however, remind me of the local shops of my childhood, which brought a smile to my face.

Fidget & Little Man Camber Sands

But let’s talk about what we really came for: the beach, the beach, the beach! As the weather was going to be good, I was expecting the beach to be crowded, but no. There were lots of families, but the beach, which is very large and stretches for miles, was pretty empty, even though there is a Pontins holiday camp situated in Camber.  The sunny solitude was nice. And once you get away from the car park and beachfront shops, the whole experience is one of nature at its best. The dunes lend a wild untouched feel. It is beautiful.

The kids loved every minute. Camber Sands is what it is, but mostly remains what nature has made it: a beautiful wild stretch of beach bordered by sand dunes that stretch off into the distance in both directions.

This is an easy road trip post to write because Camber Sands is a place where you can find a secluded spot and lose yourself in the sand and surf or find a quiet spot in the dunes and chill out with the family. It is most definitely family friendly. There were no large waves rolling in, so the kids could paddle safely. And as the tide goes out quite far, offering more and more beach to take advantage of, there are plenty of sandy ankle-deep stretches of water for the kids to play in and explore. They had great fun chasing minnows and crabs with their fishing nets. Fidget & Little Man and their friends ran wild for two days, whilst we adults chilled in the evenings with barbecues and a few beers. A pretty chilled and welcome weekend indeed. So if you are looking for a getaway on the south-east coast, Camber Sands is a definite recommendation from us, but only if you want that secluded out-of-the-way feel.

Fidget & Little Man rating: 5/5

Parent rating: 4/5 just because the bloody sand got everywhere!