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Quotes by Fidget & Little Man

Walking home from school with Fidget and we pass a group of builders. Fidget: “Daddy, that man has a big tummy like Daddy Pig.” Apologised and walked faster.
Fidget is 4 1/2-years-old. Her default setting is: “Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?” Day in, day out, ad infinitum …
Fidget: “I love you the whole wide world, Daddy. You are my hero … because you wear lipstick.” (Just for the record, I don’t.)
Fidget: “I’m going to marry Harry Potter!” Mummy: “Harry Potter married Ginny.” Fidget: “I’ll marry him after Ginny.”
Little Man’s first word: ‘Bub-bles’ Yes, that’s right, bubbles. Followed shortly by ‘mum-mum-mum’ and a short time later by ‘Daddeeeeee’.
Mummy: “What shall we get daddy for his birthday?” Fidget: “A bucket of water and throw it all over him!”
Fidget: “I love you the whole wide world, daddy … because you are old. You are very old.” Thanks, Fidget!.
Fidget after a few days on holiday in Rhodes, Greece: “So we got on a plane and came to Greece, daddy, and everyone is speaking Germany.”